Body language

Advanced Body Language​ to attract women in Australia

“Everything you’ll ever need to learn about women, you can learn from Rock n roll, James Bond and Don Draper. There is unfortunately only a few male role models in Hollywood that portray the true Alpha body Language.


Understanding the mating dance

Your body language matters as much as hers. If you are uncomfortable in a conversation she will be, this is why confidence is so key, as human beings we tend to feed off/copy the body language of the people we are speaking with. That body language in turn makes us feel exactly as the body language we have shown, learning a good confident pose and practicing it(always have good posture, if you don’t stand like your confident you will never be confident) I promise it will make you feel more confident.
One of the by-products of committing yourself to the study of attraction and how it works is that you start noticing things that you never noticed before. It becomes somewhat of a sixth sense and it’s exceptionally difficult to turn off, especially if you’re at all an analytical person When you can see the matrix it’s like being a superhero, like Spiderman or Deadpool everything just moves in slow motion.
You may ask why body language is so important. First, because it is how we sub-communicate with others. This sub-communication is even more important that ever before, because society has created a link between our actions and how people feel. For example, when you are in room and you feel really nervous, everyone in the room will pick up that you are nervous by your actions, tonality, and speed of your movements. Such things are very obvious, especially to children who are not preoccupied with speech as much as many adults. You can see when somebody is sad, happy, excited, honest, or angry. Look at somebody who rapidly moves his foot up and down. This guy probably can’t look anybody in the eyes and is sub-communicating that he is insecure. Somebody who is hunched over, with her feet together, is subconsciously trying to not be noticed at all.

Being Comfortable or Uncomfortable when meeting girls.

In courtship there are some additional signs that we as men need to pay attention to. There are some rules to body language pretty general just about everyone has them. When you’re comfotable you have a nautral Auroa and respect is automatically generated. Know think of the moments when you have not felt comfortable.

  1. Body language is a cluster of movements and expressions – These signals need to be put in clusters and not interpreted as one signal, one movement could be one thing and another means something. Make no mistake the subconscious talks through body language but read body langauge a a cluter of movements
  2. Context – Sometimes we don’t realize that things must be put in context. ie A girl has her arms crossed(Discomfort) because she is cold but has a genuine smile and bobbly head with a tipped head.
  3. Continuity-Consistency – Make sure there is continuity in these signals, you need to know when to change the topic in a uncomfortable situation.
  4. Be optimistic – Notice the good and the bad signs. Don’t focus only on the negative. There may be plenty of positive signs you are missing.
  5. Be observant notice things and you stand out more – Learn to understand someone through conversation.

I realized a long time ago that the secret to attraction isn’t in what you say, it’s in how you carry yourself; your presence, something controlled almost entirely by your body language. I knew that if I was to master the art of attraction, I would need to master the art of body language. Turn to Sean Connery or Rock & Roll

The Basics to Body Language that attract Australian girls

Let’s get started on general body language. There are things we know naturally, things we feel but we let our minds disagree with them. Women pay a bit more attention to it with their intuition. Their ability to read body language is natural, they are wired that way so that they can read a child’s needs. The general human reaction is not FLIGHT OR FIGHT. It is Freeze, Flight, or Fight. In a uncomfortable situation people tend to freeze before they want to leave. Everyone freezes for a second, it is a primal instinct. Predators focus on movement that is where the freeze comes about, it makes many predators uncomfortable


Less is more.

  • Move only when you need to, and react with delay.
  • Slow down your movements, as if moving underwater.
  • Movement should be bold, sporadic and purposeful.


Stand out from the crowd

  • Absolutely believe that you are a spectacle to be witnessed.
  • Draw attention to your every move with strong eye contact, and delayed responses.
  • Always appear physically more comfortable than anyone else in the group. Lean back when standing, angle back and drape your arms when sitting.
  • Your demeanor should be carefree, content; you do not want or need anything.


You’re a sexual being

  • Relax your eyes. Don’t stare, have some mystery in your eyes.
  • Slightly Purse your lips, as if you’re about to kiss them.
  • Slightly tilt your head up and look down when speaking.
  • Slowly study women’s faces during interaction, glance at lips periodically.
  • Keep an inquisitory look of mild arousal on your face.

​The first quality I explained was sexual presence, and if you’ve followed and practiced what I said then you should now have no trouble successfully approaching (and being approached by) the most beautiful women in the venue without getting blown out. But that is just the beginning and you now have a new challenge to undertake; how do you rise above the inevitable onslaught of shit tests and cockblocks?

Restraint, in the context of seduction, is never showing your limits. Overcoming challenges with the least visible effort, but doing so in a way that hints at something much greater. How does this relate to body language? Well, it works the same way; less is more. Once you grasp the nuances of the most subtle physical reactions things become much, much easier. Bond is never loses control

Lets go deeper and use our body lanaguage on the offensive

If you get shit tested hard (ie “why are you talking to us!?”) the best reaction is to not say a word. Simply smile, raise your eyebrows and cock your head back as if a 4 year old just challenged you to a fight in the most verbally insulting (and hilarious) way possible. If she admits defeat with her body language (she will look uncomfortable and not know what to say next) then you need to reward her, kino her and say “You have a lot of confidence, I like that”

People sometimes recomend copying girls body language to make them comfortable on a subconscious level, which can be great tactic to use once there is a little bit of interest. However women are looking for men that are leaders, and this tactic, often fails over the course of a night. You need to show leadership & not submissive by following body lanaguage. Try these methods to display more alpha body tendencies.

The majority of communication is done with vocal tones, vocal pitch, movement, body language and gestures.

All of these things and more make up our composite body language expressions, such as: Facial expressions, voice intonation, speed of speech , how you walk, the way you carry yourself through the world, having eye contact, how fast you move, and even our breathing

If you go out dressed like you do not care about your image at all, you probably don’t care, and women will notice this. On the other hand, if you go out dressed as a socially cool guy, you probably are a pretty damn smooth dude. As for the woman, this process of screening by looks and body language is a self-defense mechanism. She really doesn’t want to hook up with some low self-esteem loser, or some boring guy who doesn’t know how to give her some fun in her life. So they screen you and try to find out as many things about you as possible in a very short period of time.

Now let me ask you who the really confident men in our society are, the ones with an attitude larger then life. Who are they?? Rockstars, company directors, successful managers, doctors, politicians…. etc.

Take a look at how they walk, how they sit, how they speak, and you’ll notice something really interesting. They are totally calm, like they control TIME. They are not in hurry. The way they move and how they speak completely radiates with super-confidence.

Body Language That’s mysterous and attracts women

Dress the part

Seducers stand out from the competition. There are critics of pea cocking (the art of dressing to gain attention) but it makes a huge difference in how you’re perceived. However it will only make you LOOK LIKE someone with mystique, it does not GIVE YOU IT. You have to become the person & be congruent to the peakcock., otherwise you’re going to look like a fake and get blown out or even made fun of.

Mastery of social interactions

You should seem like someone who could never be uncomfortable, no matter what the situation. If something happens and you don’t know what to say just look comfortable and smile or make fun of the fact that its awkward and blame it on them. Always appear as if you’re one step ahead of everyone., be James Bond.

Common mistakes are when somebody tries to pick up a girl:

Talking too fast (being nervous)
Talking too much (trying to impress her)
Not knowing what to say next (not enough practice)
Drinking (to become comfortable)
Asking too many questions (you create rapport too soon, but she doesn’t want your rapport unless you have attracted her first)
Body language wrong (hands connected, feet too close, shoulders down, leaning in)
Buying her drinks (trying to buy her over, or even worse, trying to get her drunk)
Not being comfortable talking with strangers (social anxiety).
Does this sound familiar?

Ok, let’s correct this poor body language together. Here is list of things that you must FIX…

Keep your hands out of your pockets.
Stand with you feet wider apart.
Never look down when you walk, look above th horizon
Stand with your chest pushed outwards
Keep your shoulders relaxed and back
Walk confidently and slowly with bigger steps
Take up lots of space, no matter where you are
Pay attention to how you dress
Always lean back.
Touch people when you talk with them (non-sexual), because you must create conversation on all levels, not just verbal. (Later she is going to be used to your touch, and that is perfect for the pre-sex stage!)
All your body language should be comparable in speed. For instance, moving with confidence is good, but it looks incongruent if you talk fast at the same time.
One more really important thing my friend would tell you, “Pick-Up doesn’t start when you approach her, it starts when you WAKE UP in morning!” and that’s so true!

Make an entrance!

Your “entrance” basically amounts to a first impression. I’ve actually started asking the women I’ve been with when it was when they realized they were attracted to me, and nearly all of them say something similar, which has given me some insight into how powerful first impressions can be.
The way that I opened this woman was the same way I open every woman that looks at me in a bar. Goes like this:
Girl looks at me
I look at her, HOLD eye contact.
If she holds for more than 2-3 seconds I walk over slowly without looking away.
I get in close and in the most seductive voice I can muster I say “You can’t look at me like that and not say anything”.
Essentially you should be looking at them like “I get a funny joke that you don’t get”. That’s the easiest way I can explain it. Couple that with a few glances at their lips and some flirty kino and you have yourself a recipe for a sexy first impression.

Don’t give a shit

Not giving a shit is one of the easiest ways to stand out from nearly every other guy that has approached your sets in the past. The reason is simple; most guys care what women think of them. This is actually a pretty unattractive trait, I don’t think women would admit it, but it is. It says a bunch of negative things which you don’t really need to know other than “they’re bad”. I’m assuming all of you care what women think of you when you approach, that’s ok, you can’t really just turn that off, the trick is to convince the women that you don’t give a shit, not yourself, at least initially. So how do you do it?

– SMILE: Not one of those “Look how happy I am!” grins, keep it cool, it should be a “I know exactly what I’m doing, and you can’t rattle me” type of grin. As well, whenever you don’t know what to say, just smile and look at them like you get something they don’t get. I mentioned this earlier and it’s probably one of the most powerful looks you can give. Practice it until you get it right, it’s a little different for everyone.

– SLOW DOWN: Don’t talk so fast, and try to pause for no reason often, followed by one of those smiles you’ve been practicing. If they ask you a question look at them and smile for a second or two before responding, as if they just asked a dirty question.

– LOOK COMFORTABLE: This pretty much comes down to locking in. Think about where you want to be locked in as you’re approaching the sets. Every good bar is set up in a way that there should always be something to lean on or sit on, so there are no excuses. I have actually leaned on PEOPLE in the past when there was nothing to lean on.

Let’s move on to the subject of attraction:

You must be:

Challenging, Alpha, Interesting, Unpredictable, Stylish, Not needy, A good lover, Humorous, Capable of building strong rapport, Secure, Trustworthy, Conversational

Every story or routine you have in your arsenal is saying something to her. You need to convey these with the right body language