Dating Coaching Sydney- Learn to Attract Women

We do more than teach you a few lines at a bar. Work with a team with over 10 years experience at helping men meet women.

Learn how to approach and attract beautiful women in Sydney.
Since 2011, the team has shown men how to enrich their dating lives by taking them to streets, book stores, café’s, bars, beaches and everywhere women are found, to show them a natural, fun method of approaching and attracting women.

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Before we go out for infield coaching we like to take our time to understand our students. This allows us to get to the root and cause of the problems our students face in a way that no book or group seminar could come close to. Using the information we collect from our dating workshop, we then work on specific theory and exercises to address the client’s fears and areas they need to improve. Some of which may include looking at physical presentation, body language, speech delivery, mental and physical exercises, self-limiting beliefs which are preventing success. Our dating coaches are experience to help men of all levels improve their confidence and success with women.Whatever it is, realize that women want to be approached. They want a man to sweep her off her feet. They want to meet a great guy.Our coaches take you out and show you how to approach women. We also give you a simple framework of what to do during the interaction


The Approach understand that each student is unique and has individual and specific needs, we feel that every student of ours needs to be coached individually. The ‘dating community’ is a big business and It is very easy for “Dating Gurus” to apply the same ‘one size fits all’ to everyone which includes holding large group attraction and seduction bootcamps.​ We like to be a little different and be more personalised

Questions and answers – Discussion of your own questions and your own sticking points.

Thorough exploration – A thorough exploration of what it takes to be successful with women and in dating

Practical advice – You will be given practical advice on how to improve your approaching, your conversation, your dates and your mindset.

Lifestyle assessment – As dating and lifestyle go hand in hand, you will also be given a thorough assessment on your lifestyle and how this in impacting your dating results, confidence, motivation and happiness.

100% Satisfaction guarantee – If you don’t feel that you got a heap of insights and helpful information in the session, you don’t pay.

USB of Knowledge – Hours and hours of my notes and compilation of material on meeting women

Get your life with women handled to make a change and meet beautiful women, the possibilities are endless!! Using a dating coach may seem silly at first but the improvements and knowledge gained over those few hours and days will change your preception and outlook and save you hour of disappointment.

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How to meet women in Sydney


Advanced Attraction

We’ll be teaching you advanced attraction techniques and the psychology behind them. We’ll be covering plenty throughout the course… from spiking attraction through conversation to sexual eye contact and body language techniques.

Get Women Chasing

You know the type of guy we’re talking about. The one who through minimal effort has girls after him constantly. We’ll be sharing these secrets and teaching you the techniques.




We’ll demonstrate and cover some excellent techniques you can use to very quickly become the star of a venue. Get girls attracted to you before you’ve even approached. Do these techniques right and they’ll be approaching you!


Winging can be a very powerful tool in making the most complicated of pick-ups a breeze! Learn some excellent wing techniques which makes picking up with friends almost too easy! With other students on the course, you’ll instantly meet a great bunch of wingmen to go out with week after week.




If you’re going to be taking an interaction further than just exchanging phone numbers, physical escalation is key! We’ll teach and demonstrate to you powerful techniques for smooth, quick and hugely attractive physical escalation. Make-outs and more will be a breeze after you’ve mastered this!


Everything we teach is backed up with the reasoning and psychology behind it. Learning the mechanics behind seduction is invaluable for understanding why/how techniques work and applying them to your own personality. Each night we’ll have just under 2 hours classroom time to covering pick-up artist theory and attraction psychology.


How to Approach Women in Sydney. Try these 10 quick tips

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