Should you tell a girl you like her right away?

I’d like to brief you on the debate as quickly as possible.The Dating community is divided down a virtual line where on 1 side you have the proponents of Direct Game, and on the opposing side: Indirect-Game practitioners and coaches. Now personally I prefer indirect but importantly depending on the situation be prepared to go direct.

“A lot of people are just plain fucking scared of the dark, and they’ll follow anyone that’s holding a flashlight.” So trust your judgement and approach

It’s far too easy to just blindly believe one approach is better than the other, especially if that belief comes about only from the prospective of a guru. Essentially use your own experiences to find which approach suit you.

It’s easy to get romanced by direct game. Guys read stories about others who’ve succeeded by going direct and believe it’s the path of least resistance from getting no girls to lots of girls. While direct game does have its uses and can work in certain situations, I firmly believe that if you’re a guy who has little natural ability and needs to spend time with women to get laid, you’ll have a higher success rate with indirect game.


1.Direct Game

Entails being direct from the get-go with women whom you approach. And by “Direct”, I mean letting the girl know that you fancy her DIRECTLY via compliments and other such direct-verbal expressions.“Hi I noticed you from across the room and you seem like an interesting person. What’s your name?”

“Hi I don’t have a lot of time to talk, unfortunately, but you seem like the type of person I would like to get to know. Do you want meet some other time over coffee?”



There’s something very masculine about being unashamed and open about your intentions and desires. A man who has the balls to walk right up to a woman sober and tell her he thinks she’s hot is rare, and therefore attractive. Just by making the approach you’ll go up a couple of points in her estimation, particularly if you give the impression that this is something you’ve done before with good results. It also has the benefit of separating the wheat from the chaff—you will very quickly filter out time-wasters and it’s very difficult to get put in the friend zone when you’ve made your interest explicit in this way



Transitioning from a conversation about luggage to something more flirtatious can be tricky. Plus, if you’re not that experienced you might find yourself being put in the “friends” box more often than not.

2.Indirect Game

Indirect Game as you would guess, entails the total opposite where you conceal your desires and liking for the girl by way of NOT complimenting her (directly) and NOT letting her know (directly) that you fancy her.“Is it okay if I pretend I’m talking to you? There’s this girl over there who won’t leave me alone, so I’m hoping she’ll see me with you and get the hint. Feel free to touch me lightly on the shoulder to make this more believable.”



Going indirect usually gives you more time time to demonstrate your personality (“deliver your value”) and thus to build attraction and rapport. Phone numbers obtained through solid indirect approaches can often be less flakey than from quick direct approaches. This is because if you’ve talked for longer on neutral topics the girl will be more likely to feel that she “knows” you when you ask her out for a date; whereas the “heroin shot” of a direct approach where you reveal your attraction can wear off quickly, leaving her with the accurate impression that in fact she has no idea who you are.



Direct is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. If a girl is even a little favourable to your look or vibe and you approach her directly then it will blow her away, and you’re likely to get a phone number and a date out of it. But other girls may reject you right off the bat, whereas had you gone in a little more “under-the-radar” with indirect you would have had time to build up the attraction over a longer period.

Adapt your approach to your setting!

Sounds simple and easy but it’s unbelvable how often guys don’t understand a social setting. Sometimes you can’t go direct and you guessed it….sometimes you need to leave the indirect opener at home. you need the ability to adapt to certain environments

If you’re in a group class like at a spin class or sporting event with beautiful women around, you’re not going to run up to them after with an aggressive direct approach. It doesn’t make sense, indirect would work a hell of a lot better in this scenario because it’s more subtle and easily allows you to break the ice.

Same goes for a night game situation. If you’re in a club, a direct approach is way more fitting, due to the nature of your surroundings (loud music, high energy, drinking, laughing etc).​

Use both and decide when it’s the right time to use either one. Trust me, this is the most effective approach to molding your game.


Personally I believe “Indirect” is the most effective way to meet women! Approaching a girl with a compliement in Western society often gets meet with hesitation and resistance.


Let’s look at the reasons I believe “Indirect” is the best way to go when starting out.

Beautiful women are surrounded by men auditioning for a servant-boy position in her little world. Now, to give a little slack to the Direct guys; their method does work, and we’ve all seen it in action via Youtube videos. By using Direct Game with a woman you’d approached, you now have to prove to the girl that you’re not some cheesy-stalkerish lunatic guy who’s never laid eyes on a woman before.

That is the risk you will run as a practitioner of Direct Game. It’s for this reason I don’t go DIRECT, meaning that I never strike up a convo with a woman via cheesy compliments by telling her that I had to come meet her because she was so beautiful or that I like her.

“the average guy who’s just getting his feet wet in the game, should avoid Direct Game like a fucking plague”

Direct game, requires more skills, thicker skin and more social awareness and advanced knowledge of social dynamics (including body language). for any guy starting out on learning to approach women I highly recommend starting out with indirect game before flirting with Direct Game.

It’s for this reason why instinctively, most guys who get into the game start out by being practitioners of “Indirect Game” then eventually add direct game to the mix.

The more value you have, in terms of looks and status, the more direct you can go where you can approach girls saying they’re beautiful and bang that night without problems. But if you’re a random guy off the street who needs to study game to get the girls he wants, chance are you don’t have that initial value where you will be rewarded for your direct opener.

Every now and then I’m at a bar where for whatever reason I’m getting tons of looks or even getting approached outright. On those specific nights, I can go direct with success. On the other hand, if very few girls are checking me out, or the place is packed with dudes, going direct would be a suicide mission unless my target is ugly. If not a lot of girls are peeping you in the club, approach with indirect game, but if you feel like a rock star and think you can have your pick of whichever woman you want, then go direct. Unfortunately this type of scenario will never happen to most of us.


For reference sake, if you’re pondering how to approach and seduce women via Indirect Game, I’ll leave you with some basic tips and concepts which I use on a daily basis and have been using over the years:


1.) Strike up the conversation with anything besides a cheesy-generic compliment.

2.) Never indicate to the girl VERBALLY that you like her or are into her. If you do verbalize it: make it playful, goofy and an obvious exaggeration [do NOT be sentimental or heart-felt about it].

3.) Let your body language and non-verbal show her that you like and want her. Basically- “act” as though you like her, but don’t tell her that you like her [this’ indirect game]. BE MYSTERIOUS & CONFUSING

4.) Relax, think and then act

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