How to Approach Women​

Try these 10 quick tips to help increase your success

If you have little or no experience I have put together a list of 10 tips to approach a beautiful girls in Sydney and Australia . Give our Team a call or email if your ready to take the next step

1. Have an opener ready —

Going “situational” (e.g., “it sure is crowded here” or “that’s a nice purse”) will rarely work. Remember the average girl has been hit on 1,000 times before you came along? Well, most of those 1,000 guys have tried something boring and situational. Use an opener — something that has been repeatedly tested with women and is proven to work. Get the conversation started so your natural personality can shine.

2. 3-2-1-GO —

The three-second rule was created for a reason. When you see a girl you like, GO. Open her group within three seconds. The failure to do this will “only create doubt in your mind”. Women like confidence. They don’t like to be stalked. They like spontaneity. Wandering around circling her, looking at her, trying to figure out what to do next will turn her off and creep her out. Get into the habit of seeing attractive women and GO in. You’ve already got your opener ready, right? if not go back to step 1. If you must circle the room, be subtle. Women have better peripheral vision than men.

3.  Approach at an angle–

Do not walk straight up to the group. Approach at angle, tilt your head over your shoulders, and say your piece. Done correctly (and you almost need to see it to do it properly), you raise your value significantly by demonstrating that you do not need their attention or approval. Remeber to be fun and spontaneous

4. Smile on the approach–

Don’t grin like a moron through the entire interaction, but smile as you walk to the set, and in the first few seconds of the opener. Smile with your eyes, not just your mouth

5.  Be loud enough —

Everyone in the group should hear your opener. Your opener should be loud enough that it cuts across whatever conversations they are already having. Don’t shout, but make it socially awkward for them not to pay attention to your opener.

6. Don’t lean in —

This is connected to being loud enough. You should project your voice enough that they can hear you from a normal standing position, be careful with leaning back too far, if unsure take a salsa class to help develop posture and lift some weights.

7.  Engage the group —

Do NOT go into a group and talk to the woman you want to meet only. Engage the whole group. Pay LESS attention to the girl and be a little challenging.

8. Have personality–

You need to express your opinions and thoughts. Be fun and exciting. Not talking, being shy or letting another man take control of the conversation does not allow you to convey personality.

9.  Dress Well —

There are plenty of brands of very fashionable clothes. take some time to update your clothes and fashion. If money is an issue I highly recommend shopping online. Its better to have one or two great outfits than 10 that don’t match or fit. Get some ornamental stuff — Earrings, funky shoes, rings, hats, scarves, neck-chains, wrist bands.

10. Remove excess hair —

If you have any hint of your eyebrows touching, wax or shave them so there is separation. Nose and ear hairs are sexy to NO ONE. Make sure your sideburns, if you have them, have a neat line and definition and are at the same length on each side. Most women prefer shaved chests too, though this depends somewhat on individual preferences. I like having a little fur on my chest.

The Most Important Tip

Relax — Its hard to meet women when you’re anxious, nervous and worried. Go out and meet women as often as you can, so you can be confident and relaxed around women. Develop a social group where you can work together to meet the women you desire while having a good time