How to get a Girlfriend – Stop Limiting your Potential

You don’t need to be rich, tall or handsome to approach and attract beautiful women. It’s just common sense but guys somehow seem to always forget about this.


The point of a relationship is to make both parties happier and if you’re not feeling a connection then something went terribly wrong..


  • Neglecting your friends for your girlfriend
  • Neglecting your family for your girlfriend
  • Neglecting your hobbies/studies/work etc. for your girlfriend.

Sure sometimes you will want to prefer your girlfriend over other important things because she will feel you neglect her and it’s not good but you can’t just skip on your entire life because of her. It will kill you. You will become very insecure and develop beta behaviour.



Your girl needs to feel that you understand and care about her feelings. To her, this means that if anything happens she can count on you. This has more to do with communication. Many guys fail with properly communicating with their girl as they fail to understand how women think. As a result the girl will feel the guy does not understand, or even worse that he doesn’t care about her feelings. This is when things start going in a downward spiral. The girl will start to behave strangely, the guy will be clueless, and in return the girl will feel even worse and from this point there’s no stopping. Girl goes mad starts acting completely irrational and the guy just crumbles.
When you first start meeting women one of the key principles is that woman are more emotional than rational yet this fact is somehow completely ignored by many many guys when they’re trying to communicate with their girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, rational arguments are completely fine when you’re arguing about something like “Which house to buy?”. But when it’s about emotional situation you need to use your rational thinking in another way. To be explicit, you need to use it as a woman and rationalize things backwards. Remember they will often bring up the past and use that as rationale.Has this ever happened to you?
“What’s the problem, honey?”
“Nothing”And the guy knows there’s a problem, yet he’s unable to crack the code.There are several ways to get past this, I’ll try to list the most useful ones that I use.First of all, look for signs. The problem might not be related to you at all. She could have a really bad day and just don’t want to talk about it to get herself even more upset. The other case is that the problem is related to you, and in this case there’re always very clear signs about it. Start thinking about what you did recently and recall anything that could have even remotely caused her to feel blue. If you have found something, think it over again making sure you’re not just trying to get out of the problem with making the first thing that came to your mind the cause of it. If you identified the problem you can proceed to tell her: “Look babe, I can imagine that /this and that/ made you feel bad. It wasn’t my intention, I was just overloaded at the moment and didn’t pay close attention to you. Let’s go out and eat something, because it won’t get any better if we just sit here at home in silence”. Any good girlfriend will appreciate that you take the responsibility for your actions and that you want to make it up for her. She may still be angry but she appreciates how you speak. You don’t have to get angry.
Learn to evoke emotions
“Too bad. I had a little surprise for you, but you don’t seem like you’d want it now so probably some other time”Curiosity. She will start wondering what is that surprise. Yeah you probably didn’t plan anything, but now you do. Take her out and do something together that will make her feel relieved. Sports are excellent for this. I usually come up with some silly game that will make her so involved that she forgets about being sad. It either solves the problem all in all, or will make her say a big thank you explaining why she felt bad. Yeah of course more complex and deeper problems will not go away this easily, then you have to show support and care.Remember what I started with? Women are EMOTIONAL. So when you’re communicating your problems you need to put emphasys on emotions. She will understand so much better. Let me illustrate:”It bothers me that we don’t have as much sex anymore”–>This is bad. It doesn’t get to the emotional root of the problem. This won’t make the girl understand it. It’s only natural for her that you don’t have so much sex because for some reason she doesn’t desire you so much anymore.”I feel like we became a bit distant.(Seems familiar from girls to anyone? Not a coincidence) You know I love you, and I know you love me. I want to work this out before it’s too late”^At this point she is engaged emotionally so she will start talking about her own emotions. Pay VERY CLOSE attention to what she’s saying because between the lines there will be written EXACTLY why she thinks this is happening. It’s hard to explain this theoretically.
Providing emotions. The ABC's

Providing emotions. The ABC’s

Sex is the strongest emotion, but I talk about this because many guys seem to forget that the relationship doesn’t only take place in the bedroom and if your daily life is boring, your sex tends to be.Women need to experience a variety of emotions to stay interested in a relationship. The most important of these are:


A) A feeling of being desired.
Your girl needs to know that you want her. That she drives you crazy. It is NOT needy as long as you remain a leader. This is a very common mistake. The girl starts acting distant and in response the guy goes awol for a week becaue he feels that’s how an alpha male acts. Pay attention to your girlfriend, that doesn’t mean do whatever she wants but actually try to listen. (it can be hard).  They always signal their needs in one or another way.

-Act jealous
-Act needy
-Consistently buy her all kinds of expensive things

Lets look at how we can provide this feeling

-Give her mind blowing orgasms-
-Appreciate her personality traits and her body
-Take her out occasionally and do exciting things.
-Introduce her to your friends. Later when you’ve been together for a while, your parents then you cross your fingers and watch Rome fall
-Make, or buy small things that remind her of you, or something you did together occasionally (not 24/7)
-Be proud of her in public (hold her hands or her hips, peck her on the lips or cheeks, dance with her when you’re out clubbing etc…)
-Be a gentleman overall, be Satan’s curse in the bedroom. Give her the feeling that you were made for each other. Your girl always need to feel that you’re the best she could ever find and that no other guy can compare to you. It’s a bit tricky to do this. This creates a  feeling of trust and being trusted. Your woman needs to feel you trust her. It’s the #1 reason why women start acting bitchy, when their partner is not trusting them. You also need to behave like you’re trustworthy. Sure, you need to be a bit mysterious, and non predictable but that doesn’t mean she can never know where you are or what are you doing. It will get suspicious even if you’re not doing anything wrong. She will become very insecure and hurt if you don’t realize the problem. Typical behavior is that she starts criticising everything new you’re doing like “You never ate sushi before. Why did you start it now?” etc…I stress to guys don’t:-Be predictable
-“You know you can trust me baby”(No she doesn’t. and this just doesn’t help)
-Let her do anything she wants without feedback(sometimes it’s not you, it’s her)   
B) A feeling of safety
Your girl wants to feel safe with you. She needs to know that if shit happens you know how to handle it and can protect her.

To summarise this in a few points
-Always stay strong and calm.
-Don’t lose your cool and your frame.
-Be understanding and supporting.
-Always stand up for your girlfriend if she needs you.
-Make sure she trusts you and she feels that you trust her too.


C) A feeling of variety
If you’re boring your girl will get bored and will look for other, more exciting opportunities. This could be very dangerous because then every guy becomes a threath since all of them have something you don’t: They’re not you, thus they provide variety. Sooner or later there will be signals and guys usually misinterpret it, starts acting needy and jealous and only make it worse.

Try not to get lost in the daily routines or making your relationship look like you’re a pensionary couple that’s overly predictable.

You need to
– Go out and do active things together as much as possible
– Spice up sex
– Invite friends over
– Stay misterious, always making her wonder what you’re gonna do next

Find a balance in your time schedule

Find a balance in your time schedule.

Spend as much time with your girlfriend as it is possible, but make sure you also have time for friends, and all other things that are important to you in your life. A good balance means that you maintain a good social presence and seen a an alpha male by your partner.
Have good Sex

Have good Sex

No sex means the relationship is close to its end. Except for special cases where sex wasn’t there initially. This could happen with young virgin girls, and religious girls. Contrary to the community’s belief there are still woman out there who wait with sex until marriage. No sexual vibe means the relationship is technically over.

There are also some other very important aspects of sex.

Lead like a man during sex and be dominate. Women like to follow. Move your girl around. Switch positions. Hold her hand down to the bed. There are lots of ways to do this. Don’t just lay there and watch her ride you. No one likes a starfish

Giving and expecting pleasure.
Observe your partner and see how they react. Looking at their faces, hearing their screams, and feeling all the energy they let out when they cum lets you become more intimate with her.  Make the sex as good by having fun and letting go.

Don’t become boring, switch it up in locations and even in public. Do some fantasies & roleplay. You can change anything you want as long as it affects the experience. One time you want to start it slowly and gently with lots of foreplay in the bedroom, lights off. The other time you just grab her in the kitchen. The more she thinks about you fucking her, the better it is.
When to break up?


It can happen that the relationship doesn’t seem to work no matter what. There are three main causes each with spectacular signs:

1) You don’t match.

Some people are not meant to be together, If your arguments are caused by very different views and perception of the world itself then it could be really hard to keep the relationship happy. You must put things on a scale whether it’s even worth trying anymore or not. When this happens I don’t recommend just simply giving up, but trying out a few things. Trying to be more tolerant and encouraging your girlfriend to do the same for example. If your not happy then it’s best you find a new partner

2) You’re not happy in the relationship.

I don’t want to put all responsibility on men in the relationship. I still think we have more than women because we can affect their emotions more effectively than they can ours. but there are just spoiled women out there who are not worth it. If talking to your girlfriend is like walking on egg shells then its not worth it.  Who no matter how good of a boyfriend you are will just want to use you and will suck the life out of you. If you feel like you’re not happy and the cause of it is your girlfriend then evaluate your position

3) You can not make your girlfriend happy.

Whether it’s because she doesn’t want to be happy (very common and not your fault), people have an unnecessary complexity in modern society, or that you’re not yet ready for a relationship there’s no point continuing it. If you can’t identify the problems of your girlfriend, or you’re unable to handle them then the relationship will end anyway. If your best efforts bounce of a wall and she doesn’t even let you make her happy, then it’s time to find someone who appreciates herself more because sooner or later this will get you frustrated.

How to break up?

It’s not an easy thing to do. Once you’re committed to break off a relationship she’s going to get hurt, no matter how you do it. So the goal is to inflict the least amount of harm possible. Don’t use catchy phrases like “It’s not you, it’s me” or anything like that. Keep up your manliness. State your reasons clearly but respectfully. An example

“I don’t think we should continue this relationship anymore. It’s clear that it is just not working no matter how hard we try. It may hurt, but I truly believe that it’s for the better. I loved you and I do hope you loved me too, but I want to move on with my life and find someone with whom I can be really happy, and I wish the same for you”

What to do after the break-up?

First of all and most importantly:

If she tries to make up
The relationship probably ended for a very good reason and for that reason it would fail again. You only hurt both of you if you allow this to happen.
Some people like making their exes FWBs but I’m strongly against that. It’ll almost always get nasty in the long run.


Bad communication


being predictable

You’re punishing her when she did nothing wrong, it was your sorry ass who couldn’t behave like a man. Apologizing in this case won’t help either because it only takes away more value from you. Apologize for something you did, not for something you are. That problem can only be solved by changing the way you behave. Grow back your pair, and treat your girlfriend like a man, and she will assume you just had a bad period.

Paying attention to your girl’s feelings is not needy, it is necessary. And as I have said earlier, you should expect the same from your girlfriend too. That’s how this thing becomes a win-win for you two.

Meeting a girl and the initial approach is alot different to having a meaningful relationship please use this guide as a way to help and if you have any questions send us an email or a call.


I have covered communication, and neediness should be obvious. As long as you don’t just care about keeping your girlfriend, but also keeping both of you happy then you’re not needy regardless of how many flowers you buy and dates you pay for.

About being mysterious. It’s not as hard as it seems. You just need to be a little creative and always play your cards right. When you’re planning to do something, always make her wonder what it’s going to be. “It’s a secret” “It’s going to be a surprise” “I can not tell you or else I will have to kill you” among other fun lines work great to always make her wonder about your next move. Meanwhile of course your “next moves” should have a mass variety in them because if not, then she could just guess it without even asking. Do as many different activities as it is possible.


Be mysterious and make a date an event by having hobbies and activities. Play basketball, volleyball, pool, card games, chess, ping-pong, cycling, running, swimming, whatever you prefer. It is better to take her on multiple places as it’s less predictable and the other things is that she will have more experience with you and thus it will strengthen your connection. When it comes to dates, go to theater, movies, at home, wall-climbing, hitch-hiking, sea coast, fishing lake, viewpoints, observatories,  hotels, motels in the middle of nowhere. In this modern world, the possibilities are endless…

In many cases when seeking the cause of the problems it might be that you started taking up beta behaviour and she is losing attraction. If this is the case take some time and remember what caused the initial attraction, becoming too alpha doesn’t always work here.

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