Learn how to approach women on Social networks such as Facebook, Tinder, POF

These days it’s easier than ever to find a date. Between Tinder, POF, Happn or the seedy Ashley Madison, you can find someone within 1000 feet of you to get it on. Great, right? Wrong. For the most part, while it seems great for your short-term outlook, it’s actually damaging to your long term success. Seems counter intuitive, I know. Let me explain why.


We all value what we have to earn more than what is given to us

In order to earn something, you have to work hard to get it. This takes time, effort and money. The more effort you put into something, the more valuable it becomes to you mentally. Pre-internet days, if you had met someone at a friend’s party that lived a few towns over, you’d put in some time. You’d visit, she’d visit, you’d meet in the middle. Things would progress because of what you are allotting to it. Think about this in terms of money. If you worked your ass off for $5000, you’d be very careful of how you spent it because it’s imbued with all of your blood, sweat and tears. But if you won $5000 from a slot machine, you’d spend it like it was going out of style! The same thing goes with dating in sydney on Tinder, POF and such. If you can find someone else in a matter of seconds, you don’t place any value on it. Each person is much more likely to flake out on the date or not put any effort towards it. Focus on building solid numbers with good foundations


Amount of second dates stays the same

Many people are having many more dates. But this data is incredibly skewed. Yes, people are finding it easier to have more first dates and thus they feel they are “succeeding in dating.” However, second dates are staying the same and in some case, decreasing! So yeah, you might have 5 dates this week, but if none of them want to see you again does that really make you better at dating? We’re not getting better, we’re just getting more prolific. And instead of working on it, we just cover that feeling with even more dates.


Dates are becoming disposable

Similar to the first one, the more disposable something is, the less we care about it. When I got my first cell phone, I treated that thing like gold! Kept it home if I was going out drinking, bought cases for it, etc. To harken again back to earlier times, like the mid-90s, if two people got set up through friends in sydney, they go on a few dates. So maybe the first one wasn’t great. But it wasn’t easy to get that date, so each was way more likely to have a second date, to give them the benefit of the doubt. Now, if the person sneezes wrong, we’ll just toss that one out and look for the next, “more perfect” date. On tinder you simply swipe right and you have a new match…It’s too easy


No self-reflection

Before all these apps, if you had one bad date after another, you might take some time for self-reflection. “What am I doing wrong that these aren’t working out?” And since there was more time between dates, there was more time to self-evaluate, ask advice, soul search. Yesterday, one of my clients had two dates. There is NO way that after the first he asked himself, “What did I do right? What could I have done better?” It’s just, “on to the next one now!”We teach Quality over Quantity and get you to covert dates in Sydney to meaningful relationships


Paralysis of Choice

Basically what this means is that the more choices we have, the more difficult it is to choose a women or man in sydney. If you were given the choice of having your bedroom repainted and they gave you the choice of blue or green, you’d be able to give them an answer the next day. On the other side, if you were given the whole Pantone color wheel containing thousands of colors, you’re going to go bonkers trying to pick one out because you’re worried there’s another, better one somewhere and you’re sure you’re going to be disappointed after you choose one. Likewise, you never want to fully commit to one person because you’re just SURE that the next person is the better one or the next one or the next one…Sydney Has a man shortage, take advantage of this situation to meet women. Using Tinder and other apps needs time, lots of effort and is technically harder than meeting women in person. the advantage of having a virtually fearless introduction is weighted down by your need to compete with the next swipe right

What to Expect on a program from The Approach

Get your life with women handled! ​

Contact our team to put together a session that meets your needs. We dont produce bulk content which is designed to maximise profits and lack specificity. We produce individual programs that are specific and designed to your level.

It will not be like any traditional Sydney PUA bootcamp. We are not going to be going out into “the field” to do endless amounts of spam approaching.

We need to get you in the habit of becoming an overall better communicator. We need to alter how you approach the world. We need to get you to adopt the mentality that you are a brand competing in the business of people in Sydney.

Having the ability to consistently meet, attract and begin a relationship with a woman is undeniably one of man’s most important requirements in life, since our purpose is ultimately to pro create. It is also a condition of our happiness and well being, “Behind every great man is a great woman”

The expectation that man must initiate the courtship process is a widespread convention and so learning the necessary steps to attract a woman is essential.

Meeting women in Sydney can be daunting. Learn how to first  understand how they think and then use your natural personality to attract women.

Considering this there is surprisingly very little and ambiguous information on the subject of attraction in a practical aspect. Hitch was a great movie but it didn’t come with an instruction manual!

The fact is most people are afraid to admit their lack of success and options they have in their ability to attract a woman or get a date. Most people have never even considered the success that they could be having. Most people still buy FHM or Nuts magazine and dream about having sex with the centrefold.

The Approach is a simple solution to learning the art of seduction and building that connection with a woman so that you have the power and peace of mind to never feel frustrated or lonely again.


Whether you want to have lots of beautiful women in your life, break free from an unsatisfactory relationship, or even get your girlfriend back – we can help you reach your full potential.

We offer both a group session and one on one coaching, teaching both day game and night game for fully extensive PUA training. We choose a teacher to student ratio balanced enough to focus on each individual, blast their sticking points and offer on-going care until you begin living the life you’ve only ever dreamed of. Give our team a call and be part of our team

We are based in Sydney, which is where the entire programme is run from. We have coaches of all age ranges and personality types which makes us flexible enough to be able to teach anyone the law of attraction and rules of the game, then help them to incorporate what they learn into their personalities so that they can attract women in a natural way.

The Approach is more than just a dating company in sydney, it’s an overhaul of oneself, a culture, a map to showing your best self.