What Are The Major Factors Preventing Your Success in Online dating in Australia?


Without a doubt, this is the definitive guide to online dating. A step by step system to help other guys who may be experiencing the same type of frustration with online dating that I have in the past in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Online dating is far more competitive than meeting women in bars and cafes as it’s done in the relative safety of cyberspace. However because of the ease of the approach. (It’s very easy to send a message online), often women become fatigued with messages and only respond to messages and profiles that spark specific attraction points. Lets get started.

Online dating is an easy process to start because there are so many website that make big promises, but it’s alot harder to meet women and actually find a meaningful relationship

Online dating is rigged for you to lose. It’s not your fault It’s just the way the system has been setup and it’s a numbers game just like real life; but even worst – everyone is a picky “10” behind the computer. Without this system there is a lot of competition out there on online dating sites

If you are serious about meeting and dating the hottest women on the internet and completely transforming your love life then read this guide to the very end and make that dream a reality!!​

Part I: The Top 5 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Write You Back ​



The truth is that online dating sites rarely if ever trim or prune their user databases. It’s in their best interest to have as many “users” as possible so that they can sell their expensive ad space and recruit new users to sign-up for their monthly subscription services.

– This way when you perform a search the site looks extremely popular and heavily visited. After all who wants to use a dating site with minimal activity? The dating sites want you to feel like a kid in the candy store and this is accomplished by showing you lots and lots of beautiful eye candy! Even if it’s been sitting on the shelf for years collecting dust. You can be the best Sydney PUA and still not get replies purely because these females do not exist.

Once you make an account on any dating site your profile is there forever, unless you manually tell them to remove it. Online dating sites are littered with thousands of profiles of women who

  1. Setup a profile on a whim for some attention but have long since given up on online dating and
  2. Tried online dating for a while and either found someone and stopped using the site or ran far away from the computer due the huge amount of creepy and sexually explicit email messages she may have received during her stint on the sites and
  3. Fake profiles that are put there by the dating sites themselves to look more popular than they really are and to appear to have more attractive members…

In either case “in-active” profiles will NOT write you back because they are not checking their messages.The dating sites use confusing terms like “Active over 3 weeks” which really means “this chick hasn’t logged-in for over 6 years!” That’s if they display this information at all. To combat messaging “in-active profiles” be sure to search for users that have “Been active recently”. Preferably message only women who have logged in within “24” hours or a “day” or “two” at the most. It’s with those active users that you stand the best chance of getting a meaningful reply…


Let’s say that your message actually made it in front of real “human eyes” and that your message title is being displayed in her inbox. There is nothing that will kill attraction quicker than bad profile photos attached to your email. A STELLAR profile photo is the single most important thing in your online dating arsenal! You cannot ignore this vital aspect of internet dating; it’s too important!! So make every effort here to produce kick-ass quality profiles photos at any cost!!!

– The same way you and I are attracted to a pretty face and hot bodies so are women. Let’s face it. We are all biologically wired to want to mate with the hottest members of the opposite sex; either male or female. When it comes to online dating we have a ton to choose from! And so do they


Simply put you need to do whatever you can to look as good as possible online. I want you to think about this for a second. What do girls go through on a daily basis to make themselves as hot as possible when they go out? Lots of make-up, curve enhancing clothing, fake nails and a laundry list of other “tricks” to look hotter than they really are. So don’t feel bad for a second about going through great lengths to look your best in your profile photos too. It will make a huge difference in your success rates.

Tip- Take better photos and look even better! It’s that important…

This guide will go into great lengths of how to look your best in your profile photos a bit later. But for now take away this vital piece of information – “You need to do whatever it takes to look as good as you possibly can in ALL your profile photos!” There are no shortcuts or ways around this…

Avoid using any photos of yourself that are less than stellar and your success rates will go up 10-fold. I guarantee this!! If that means 2 photos instead of 10….then that’ the way it needs to be until you have everything you need.




Besides bad photos this is the #1 reason your messages are not being replied to! Think about this for a second. You are a hot girl. Every guy on the internet wants you so they are messaging up a storm like crazy! Imagine over the span of a few weeks (or months) how many messages from horny guys you will have read. Obviously at some point it becomes really clear what messages are worth replying to and which ones aren’t worth a second look. Girls are much more of an expert on the subject of good introduction messages than you are!

I know you think you are being clever by sending a copy and paste messages. But the truth is that girls can sniff these out these crappy messages from a mile away and they absolutely kill any chances you have with her IMMEDIATELY!

If you want to succeed with online dating and get replies you have to send quality messages. This means carefully picking your targets and sending QUALITY messages worthy of a reply. Take the time to carefully read their profiles and make comments specific to them. Create emotion in your messages and keep it light hearted. Make it obvious that you are a guy that has taken the time to “get to know them” and are worthy of a reply…Also be a little more specifi with the women you message. If you are going to take time to message, make sure you are sttracted to the girl in the photos.


This is something worthy of consideration for sites that allow headlines. Your message is only as good as it’s presentation on the outside. I know this is shallow but such is life. To get your email opened, you need to present it like a shiny gift wrapped present and make it sing to its recipient. You can do this with the headline. Take the time to write a really catchy headline and watch how many more times your message will get read.

Go big or go home! You have to be prepared to lose. Live dangeously with the ladies of Sydney. nice and normal guys finish last or second last




You cannot overlook the importance of having a kick ass profile. If you have done everything right up until this point you have a chance of the girl you wrote to taking the time to take a look at your profile and maybe write you back if she likes what she sees. This means your profile photos didn’t scare her off, and your headline and message peaked her interest enough for her to investigate you a bit further. You haven’t scared her off yet!!

The profile page is where most guys who haven’t failed in the first step fail in the second. One word or phrase out of place and your message will be deleted and you’ll never hear back from her. Women are extremely judgmental when it comes to men on online dating sites and the slightest thing out of place will blow any chance you might have had with her… Most women think guys online are “crazy psychos” to begin with so don’t do anything to make her think you belong in that category!!

Here is an important piece of advice; Less is more! Women don’t have the time to read a long ass profile pages and the truth is they really don’t care that much for you yet to read your life story anyway. Keep is short, sweet and to the point. Sound like you have confidence and options (other girls) and don’t give away all your secrets just yet; make them work for it – it’s more fun that way. Actually writing less can be extremely helpful as it leaves her guessing and wanting more… This is a good thing for you!!

Later in this guide I will go over in detail what it takes to write a winning online dating profile. But for now take away the fact that your profile needs to shine like a diamond in a sea of “shit” if you want to land the hottest girls on the internet, or even just the so-so ones. Take the time to experiment with your profile and modify it until it pulls! I will show you how later, but for now make sure your profile doesn’t stink or wreak of “neediness” if you want to receive decent replies from the hot “most desirable” women.

Remember: You are a man of abundance and options when you are online – So sound like it in your messages and make this subtly clear in your profile too. Notice I said BE SUBTLE! Going overboard on this will kill your chances. Just sprinkle in a pinch of confidence into your profile and you will be golden!

If you have made it this far, I want to take a moment to congratulate you! You have taken a step that most guys will never know about and this already puts you far ahead of most of the competition. So far we have taken a look at why most guys fail with online dating. Now that we know what the obstacles are let’s look at how to blow right through those to get the “gorgeous” girls we really want!!

Keep all of your texts short and simple….yet get across your complex idea. The main idea is quality over quantity.

– No one wants to read a long ass text, so keep it concise. Get your point across and leave it at that; do not elaborate on any unnecessary ideas. Things you would normally say in a conversation cannot always be said via text,-Let them interpret what you are saying. This adds an aura of ambiguity (I love alliteration ) to yourself. You don’t give away all of your ideas, you don’t mix words (decisive) and leave somethings up to the imagination; you create mystery. You are a challenge.

Keeping it going

So you’ve just sent the initial text. Wipe that sweat off your face and prevent your heart from attacking itself. Here comes the difficult part. Anyone can send a cheeky text or throw a jab. Not everyone can go 12 rounds though. This is probably the hardest part about texting. How do you keep a conversation from going horribly wrong? If she messages you back after the first message….Chances are she’s either receptive or neutral, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have gotten the number. If she’s receptive you can push for a meetup almost immediately. Otherwise, time to put those conversational skills to use.

Part 2- Time To Improve

The 3-Step Formula For A Kick-Ass Online Dating Profile

Step 1: Mindblowingly Amazing Profile Photos

I want you to think about for a moment the great lengths that women go through in order to look as hot as they do when they go out on a date. Have you ever woken up next to a girl in the morning and wondered how she could be the same girl you went to bed with the night before? The answer is lots of make-up and preparation! Most of what you are seeing is a lie! Think about it…

Her boobs are not that big! She is wearing a push up bra or has had breast implants to look that good. Her hair is not really that long, she is wearing hair extensions AND it’s not even that color! Yes; your girl’s hair is died and fake and she isn’t a real blonde either. By the way, those are not her real nails either. She spent the afternoon getting acrylics applied and her fake nails painted at the nail salon to look better than she naturally does. She even wears high heels to appear taller than she really is, makeup to appear younger, and stalkings to appear as if she has a better shape to her body than she really does!

I can go on and on about the tricks women use to look better than they do naturally for hours, but I don’t want to bore you to tears. The point is that women go out of their way to present themselves in the best possible light and you need to do so as well if you want to win. So don’t feel bad for a second at the techniques that I am about to share with you… Love is war so prepare for battle!!

Tactic 1

Grab a Hot Girlfriend and Go Shopping – You need to look your best in your photos and clothes make the man. I don’t care how broke your ass is. If you want to succeed with women you need to look your best and you can get 1/2 way there by dressing the part. No matter how much it costs buy 2-3 really kick ass outfits that fit you well. If you need to have clothes altered then do it. They need to fit right! This will go a long way in making you look more attractive to the opposite sex. Clothes are extremely important to most women and they will take notice. So take the time and spend some money to buy threads that make you look like a million bucks! Especially your shoes and invest in a nice watch. This will go a long way; buy a fake Rolex if you have to but get one that looks really sharp with your new outfits…

Tactic 2

Get Professional Photos – You heard me right! I am not talking about photos you took yourself with a cell phone in the bathroom mirror but real professional photos taken by real photographer with a good camera and lighting. Remember those clothes you just bought? It’s time to put them on and call a photography company listed in your area or check Craigslist for a professional photographer in your area. They are not as expensive as you might think and someone that knows what they are doing with a high-end camera can make you look absolutely amazing, and this is what you need to be really successful online!

I am serious here. Do not skip this step! Buy some killer clothes and hire a professional photographer to shoot you in them! They will use good lighting to accentuate your best features, and show off your best angles. This is why you are paying a professional photographer and it’s worth it! I guarantee that no selfie taken with your iPhone is going to look as good as what a professional can do with a $7000.00+ camera, so sack up and get some professional photos done. You will look better and you’ll get more dates online….It’s worth the time rather than wasting hours with go no where messaging

Tactic 3

Photoshop Them – Yes! You heard me right!

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what Photoshop is, then let me explain. It is a photo editing software for the Mac and PC that can be used to “retouch” photos. There is a lot of controversy about it lately because so many young girls are trying to look like models in magazines who are all fake and Photoshopped and cannot possibly look that good in real life. Every photo in every magazine is retouched to look better than they really do and its tuff to measure up in real life… And yes – the guy’s in magazines are retouched too; so don’t feel bad about it!!

This is what Australia and Sydney expects for beauty these days and you have to play along or get left behind. Sydney can be that kind of place.

Just do a search – there are tons of professional (and affordable) photo retouching services out there!! These professionals can airbrush away that ache, whiten those teeth, sculpt away that flab, make you taller and more ripped, and even give you a tan! I say go for broke and Photoshop the shit out of your photos to look better than your best because if you don’t you may not even get your foot in the door with these women online. So do what you gotta do to succeed! You are still the amazing “sweet” guy inside – don’t worry! Do what you have to do to win. Chances are she won’t even notice when the two of you actually meet but at least you will get that opportunity with this technique…

Tactic 4

 Locations & Scenes – Besides having amazing photos that you look great in — the background scenery is equally as important. How many photos have you seen of someone taking a photo in their dirty bathroom in a stained mirror with water spots on it? Nasty! It’s low class and ghetto; don’t do it! Instead take the time to plan out your photos and take them in amazing locations that make them stand out from the rest…

If you have a good body and a tan take some photos on the beach or at the pool. If you know somebody with a boat, get some photos on the ocean! If you don’t know anyone with a boat rent one. Girls cream in their pants when they see a good looking guy on a nice boat. Do what you can to photograph near the ocean. It makes you look healthy, and like an outdoorsy person, and not some closet freak who doesn’t leave his “man cave”!

Get some good photos out and about on the town too. Having social proof is a good idea. You can shoot 1 photo of you with a group of pretty girls who look like they are with you but not your girlfriend. Other than that shoot some photos with your guy friends so you don’t look like a loner, and wrap it up with another photo of you in an action scene like riding a horse or jet-ski, and finally a picture with your parents or nephew to round you out so you look like a potential “family man”.

Step 2: A Solid “Attention Grabbing” Profile

Once you have nailed your profile photos the next step is to write a kick ass profile that any girl will be insane to pass up! I will be honest. This may be the hardest part of online dating but is something that you have to push through in order to get the hottest girls online. Honestly it is going to take a bit of tweaking, experimentation and persistence to write a truly kick ass profile that gets women chasing you. I will give you some points and guidance here, but it’s important that you stick with this step as long as it takes to be successful with online dating. And constantly tweak for better performance…

There is a technique in selling called A/B testing. This means you test version 1 of your copy (your profile), record conversions (AKA: replies), and then test version 2. The secondary version has slight modifications made like headlines changed or entire paragraphs added or removed. The point is that you test both and see which one performs better, and then tweak the more successful version to pull (convert) even better. You do this consistently over time and your success will go up considerably.

If you are sending out messages, and are getting poor responses despite having kick ass photos, then chances are your profile is to blame. This is a surefire way to know your profile needs tweaking; If your current profile is not pulling the way it should then it may need to be completely re-worked from scratch – or take another approach. There is nothing wrong with replacing something that is broken!! Poor responses to messages you wrote can often be traced back to a weak profile…

If you profile is pulling, experiment on it, make some changes and see if your success rate (IE: message replies) goes up or down. Continue to tweak or experiment until you feel you have squeezed every last bit of juice out of your words (copy) and you will be good to go; pulling the hottest women online that other guys can only dream about….

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all technique for everyone, so I will give you some basic pointers to get you going on the right path to constructing a really kick ass online dating profile.

Tactic 1

This girl will happily text you all day, and respond to most of your messages right away. Except for texts about meeting up – those are always conversation-stoppers. She likes the validation of having men interested in her and talking to her, but she isn’t actually interested in you enough to hang out in person.

These women are such a waste of time that they qualify for double duty. Respond to all of her texts with a 🙂 until she gets the message that you’re not looking for a text friend.Don’t Tell Her Your Life Story – She’s not interested in your enough yet to read about what scared you as a child and how you became the “manly” man you are today. There is no need to tell her everything before you even speak on the phone. Save something interesting for the actual date! Have her work at it…

The truth is most women have a very short attention span. They read a lot of messages from guys just like you and don’t have the time to read a novel. You profile might be the 10th she’s read that day alone. So keep it short and sweet. I have actually found that shorter profiles that tell less about you can be far more successful than the “novel” approach which just gives her to much ammunition to shoot you down!

Remember it just takes one word or phrase out of place and she will close your page and never respond to your dating message. So don’t give her fuel for her fire. Keep it short, to the point and sweet. Leave the best stuff for the phone call and the eventual date. You want to peak her curiosity, not sell her on yourself. That will happen naturally through the course of developing a relationship, so don’t push it to far here.

Just tell her enough to make the point that you are a man that’s worth her while, and a cut above the rest of the other losers on the dating site. You are a man worth knowing and exude that confidence through your profile without going too far. Women like a confident man but going overboard will make you look cocky and will blow you right out of the water. Keep your profile fun, entertaining short and sweet, and don’t give away all the best parts! Save that for the phone call and eventual relationship…

Tactic 2

You Sound Like An Insecure “Needy” Little Wimp – Nothing will send a girl running faster than you sounding like a needy little wimp in your profile. If a girl even thinks for a moment that if she gives you an opportunity you will chase her like a little puppy then it’s over for you! You will absolutely kill attraction and most normal girls hate this type of “weak” guy when it comes to boyfriend material. It’s different for insecure women who want you in their life as their “gay best friend” but this is not the role you want to play here! This guide is for men who seduce the hottest women online and that man is you. So don’t lose sight of this!

Some things that just don’t go over well in profiles is the overly romantic and soft crap. Save this for the 2nd or 3rd date at least. Women want a “real man”. Not a soft, desperate “push-over” who they can control. A well written profile should be written with confidence (although not cocky) and with some subtle humor but not a clown. I know all women say they want a man that will make them laugh, but it’s not your job to play the clown in your profile. Hint that you have a sense of humor, and save the jokes for the phone call and eventual date! Humor will go a long way but don’t go too far with this…

Tactic 3

You Sound Overly Cocky or Full of Shit – Let’s face it; everyone lies online a little bit – Even you! Women can smell bullshit from a mile away. Especially online when everyone is going out of their way to make it sound like they are God’s gift to women. Avoid this trap at all costs! Girls know when you are trying too hard to make a good first impression and it can come off fake or try hard – so just don’t do it!

Instead take another approach. The key to writing a winning online dating profile is to project real confidence, success, motivation and goals in life, as well as abundance and options! You are more attractive to a woman in a sexual way if you can show her that you have your life together, are going places, and already have women in your life. Nobody wants a desperate loaner! Remember: You are this girls “fantasy man” and you need to live up to that roll. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than her knowing you have options; IE a man other girl’s want. This is why rock stars and celebrities are so desirable to women; because other women want them!

Remember when writing your profile that “you” are the prize and not her. You are confident but not cocky. You are funny but now a clown. You may not be rich but you have a future and you are going places in life. If you are a student you have “potential”. Women just want to know you’re not a loser and will be getting bigger and better as life goes on. Paint the picture of a successful confident man with a sense of humor and you will be miles ahead of the other guys who don’t get this concept!

Say what you have to say in your profile but be subtle and not too cocky. You don’t want to appear to be trying to hard or lying. Keep is short, simple and sweet. Show her that you have a sense of humor and are going places with your life, and that you have options, and the beautiful women will come flocking to you!!

Step 3: Your Likes & Interests

It’s important to correctly fill out your likes and interests as part of any successful online dating profile. Do NOT skimp on this section as this is vital for your success. This is the section where women are looking to make a bond with you. That can be for your mutual love of puppies, the rock band Aerosmith, surfing the perfect wave, or the last Stephen King book you read. Women want to know that you have similar interests as them and some substance. This can even make the difference whether girls write back to you or not. Sometimes a mutual love of “rocks” is the catalyst for a girl to take the chance and write you back!!

If you are looking for a nerdy girl that likes to play video games, then this is the place to list it. However, if I were you I would be careful with anything that makes you sound like a boy and not a man who will complete this girl’s fantasy. But on the other hand I want you to be honest here. After all you want to be dating a girl with similar interests so that the two of you can have fun together. So list your interests and passions realistically so that you can attract a woman with similar passions for long lasting happiness together…

That being said, there are a couple of sections that need to be paid “special” close attention to. The first is height! If you are a short man (under 6’) you may want to white lie a little about your real height and purchase height adjusting shoes. Most women want a tall man and it’s worth a small investment in shoes to add a little bit to your height if you are short. Beautiful women all wear heals and you don’t want them being taller than you!!

Next is the income section which is best just left blank. Too much and you are bragging, too little and you’re a loser. Money should not be a factor at this point anyway. Let her figure it out later…

Besides income, be sure to pay special attention to body type. If you have a little extra weight still pick “average” or “fit and toned”. As explained earlier everyone wants a fit mate, so if you need to make a few white lies on your physical appearance to get a date then do it. BUT get your ass to the gym and start eating right if you are out of shape. No amount of faking is going to change her mind when she really meets you — so look your best!

At the end of the day you want to use your interests and likes section to sound like a fun and well-rounded guy with a variety of interests and likes that make you sound like you have some education and culture. You know – someone she wants to spend time with and brag about to her friends!

Everyone wants to date someone with some “emotional depth” and this is the place to paint that picture of yourself! Take the time to accurately list and display your passions so that you can attract a female with similar interests for a solid long term relationship if that’s what you’re seeking..

Part 3- The Holy Grail of Online Dating: ​

 Introduction Messages That Will Blow Her Mind & Get You Her Phone Number In 1 Email Message! This does’nt exist. Seriously send a few messages and esculate accordingly. You must heat her buying temperature with messages before you ask her on a date or for a number. create positive emotions and it will be very easy to take her to the next step. 

– You are now ready to get phone numbers and eventual dates from the hottest girls online using my proven and fool-proof online dating system. This is the real deal! It has taken me ten years to develop the message writing techniques I am about to share with you here now and for free. So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown!

 The headline (next to your profile photo) is the most important thing needed to get “right” in order to have your message opened and read! If you headline fails to do its job, all that time you spent writing that nifty message is time wasted because it’s going right into the recycle-bin! So take the time to craft some really amazing headlines and your response rate will shoot up significantly!
The headline needs to grab her attention and illicit an emotional response! This is the interesting part. It doesn’t even have to be a positive emotion!! Just make her feel something and you have done your job to build curiosity. Many guys think they have to kiss up to a girl to get her to read your message, Please STOP doing this.


– Write a Headline that Elicits An Emotion – This is where you can get really creative. You can ask her if “she is serious” about a photo she posted on her page as she had to be drunk when she posted it! You can slightly make fun of her clothes or something silly but don’t insult her too much! Remember this is meant to be a gentle slap and not a punch to the face! Make her feel a little emotion (positive or negative) but not enough to piss her off! Other things that have worked well for me is slightly making fun of their pet or username…

Write a Headline That Makes Her Curious — Another thing you can do to get her attention is to peak her curiosity. You know – show you are different than the other guys on this site and make her curious about you. Tell her “I noticed something about you that other guys miss” or “I just had to tell you…” and force her to open the message to understand what you are talking about. In addition to eliciting emotion, making her curious about you can be very effective!!



– Write a Headline That Makes Her Curious — Another thing you can do to get her attention is to peak her curiosity. You know – show you are different than the other guys on this site and make her curious about you. Tell her “I noticed something about you that other guys miss” or “I just had to tell you…” and force her to open the message to understand what you are talking about. In addition to eliciting emotion, making her curious about you can be very effective!!

What makes a women reply to a mesage in online dating?

The secret to getting women to reply with their phone numbers is to use psychology on them. I am referring to

1) the psychology of selling yourself and

2) the psychology that goes on between a man and a woman; let’s just call this attraction for now!

On an online dating site you only have 1 tool to convince a girl that you are they guy for her and that’s your “written words!” Obviously you can’t reach through the screen and physically talk to her at this point so you need to seduce her with your words. And trust me brother – there is going to be no seduction going on with a few words like “Wassup! How you doing today?” You have to think far more outside the box than that…either right a short cold read message or a long half page message that looks at her profile and uses written words. I find younger girls like short messages and women older than 25 tart to apprciate longer messages.

Customize Your Message

– This is a huge one guys! NO!! You can NOT get away with sending garbage “copy and paste” emails. Women spot this a mile away and it kills any chance of success you may have had with this girl if they detect it. So don’t do it! I know it takes a lot of time to write 1-off custom messages but it’s an absolute requirement for you to be successful! This girl has to think you are only interested in her and that you took the time to read her profile and write her a meaningful message. If you can mention specific things that she wrote about in her profile you are gaining many points by being the guy who “appreciates her” rather than the guy who “rushes in” and tries to trick her with a “canned” message like every other guy…use a canned mesage that is customised if you are time short.

Take the extra time it takes to customize each and every message you send significantly by mentioning things from her profile. Refer to her by her username or astrological sign. Mention something about her “pet” or “children”. These are 2 subjects women will talk about to no-end and that’s just what you want!

Custom messages are the key to success… I know it takes more time to write custom messages

Don’t Ask To Many Questions

This one is huge too! Many women check their dating sites from their phone while on break from work or school and don’t have time to reply to a lot of meaningless questions. So don’t ask meaningless questions! Instead make a lot of general comments. Just talk. She will correct you if you are wrong. But a woman likes a man with confidence who can make statements and NOT take up a lot of her time answering the same boring questions. She will respect you for it…

Feel free to change things up to fit your style and personality as you see fit, but if you are just starting out with online dating then follow this guide pretty closely and you will be able to mimic the same type of success I relish in on a daily basis! Please on the guide for online profile examples if you need help

Part 4. Examples of Profiles that work to attract women and generate incredible responses ​

Research shows the highest-ranked profiles are around 1500 characters long.

The top-ranked profiles averaged around 1500 characters. Most, but not all, of the bottom-ranked profiles were far from 1500 characters. Either they were very close to the 3000 character limit or were the opposite extreme and really short, like just a few sentences.

So I guess the advice you could infer from all of this is: If you are a poor or mediocre writer, keep your profile to around 1500 characters or so. If you are a good writer, write as much as you can.

The highest ranked-profiles described both Alpha & Disney concepts.

The best-ranked profiles were very careful to incorporate both Disney/romance/provider fantasies AND masculine/sexual/Alpha stuff, while the lower ranked profiles went overboard on either one or the other. The “too sexual” profiles clearly turned women off, and the “too nice guy” profiles the women said were “boring”. Lesson? Include both when you write a profile.

Example 1. The Romantic

Is the glass half empty, half full, or just twice as large as it needs to be? I dislike seeing things in just black and white. I like to measure life not by the breaths I take, but by the moments that take my breath away – when the volume-knob of life is turned all the way down, and I am snuggling up by the fireplace with someone special under a blanket. Or when the volume-knob is turned all the way up, and I am having the time of my life sipping a cocktail on some tropical island wearing a dorky Hawaiian shirt with Lei flowers around my neck.Basically: You better love to have fun, or we won’t get along. I like to think of myself as confident, but not arrogant. I’m a very humble man. I don’t run away from problems. Also I watched my sister get her heart broken many times, and this made me realize how important it is to treat a woman right. My mother also taught me how to have inner strength and not get walked on. I am easy going, and I love to put a smile on people’s faces, no matter where I am or who I am with. Some stuck up people may think it’s strange, but you might find me making faces back at the kids in the car in front of me.

Are you able to handle masculine energy? I can be quite a handful. Do you consider yourself a bit dorky rather than “hot”, educated rather than just “street-smart”, a creator rather than a consumer, and happy rather than content? In that case, we should talk. “Everybody dies, not everybody lives.” — I love the quote, but have no idea where it’s from. 10 brownie points if you can tell me. 100 points and a cereal box top can be redeemed for the best brownie recipe in the world. Anyways… I just want to hang out casually to see if there is some chemistry between us. That, or potential for a friendship. I’m fine with either outcome – or neither. Maybe I’ll meet someone special online – maybe you will, too. Send me a quick email with why you think we would get along well, and we’ll take it from there.