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Learn how to approach and meet women at bars, cafes and online across Sydney
Check out our programs designed to teach you how to meet women. Work with Sydneys leading confidence and dating coach to unlock your full potential and start dating the women you really want to date.

How our Personalised Coaching Works

The Approach is a coaching system specialising in building confidence, developing self esteem and finding balance that attracts women in Sydney. Aimed at men to achieve their full potential in areas such as confidence in general and with women, increasing social opportunities and helping you to become the best possible you! We also help with relationships in general, careers, choices and other areas. Whereas most PUA training and coaching is geared towards bootcamps I offer a bespoke and personalized approach to suit your needs.By coaching and training so many people over many years now, I know that by designing unique and different programs of therapy and coaching for all individuals is the only way to get you to overcome any sticking points and enable you to see permanent changes for the better. This is why I always tailor each coaching session to the individual and their particular needs.​

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  • Evaluation of your unique personality, concerns and goals.
  • Advice on women you are pursuing or presently involved with.
  • Live demonstrations of techniques by your coach.Approach and meet high quality women
  • Generating unique conversation starters and material, customized to fit your goals and needs.
  • Live coaching and advice as you approach and meet women.
  • Fix your body language and voice tone & get a fashion makeover
  • No long classroom theory sessions. All our theory is practiced infield
  • A complete, comprehensive evaluation of your training session.Learn techniques that can used BOTH during the day and night
  • Discreet advice on sensitive subject matters
  • ​A Q&A with your coach, so you can find answers to what’s most important to you!

Having the ability to consistently meet, attract and begin a relationship with a woman is undeniably one of man’s most important requirements in life. It is also a condition of our happiness and well being, “Behind every great man is a great woman”

The expectation that man must initiate the courtship process is a widespread convention and so learning the necessary steps to attract a woman is essential.

Meeting women in Sydney can be daunting. Learn how to first understand how they think and then use your natural personality to attract women.
Considering this there is surprisingly very little and ambiguous information on the subject of attraction in a practical aspect. Hitch was a great movie but it didn’t come with an instruction manual!

The fact is most people are afraid to admit their lack of success and options they have in their ability to attract a woman or get a date. Most people have never even considered the success that they could be having. Most people still buy FHM or Nuts magazine and dream about having sex with the centrefold.

The Approach is a simple solution to learning the art of seduction and building that connection with a woman so that you have the power and peace of mind to never feel frustrated or lonely again.

Whether you want to have lots of beautiful women in your life, break free from an unsatisfactory relationship, or even get your girlfriend back – we can help you reach your full potential.

We offer both a group session and one on one coaching, teaching both day game and night game for fully extensive PUA training. We choose a teacher to student ratio balanced enough to focus on each individual, blast their sticking points and offer on-going care until you begin living the life you’ve only ever dreamed of. Give our team a call and be part of our team

We are based in Sydney, which is where the entire programme is run from. We have coaches of all age ranges and personality types which makes us flexible enough to be able to teach anyone the law of attraction and rules of the game, then help them to incorporate what they learn into their personalities so that they can attract women in a natural way.

The Approach is more than just a dating company in sydney, it’s an overhaul of oneself, a culture, a map to showing your best self. Get your life with women handled to make a change and meet beautiful women, the possibilities are endless!! Using a dating coach may seem silly at first but the improvements and knowledge gained over those few hours and days will change your perception and outlook and save you hours of disappointment ​

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