This youtue video list puts togther a list of some of the best dating coaches in the world, who together provide a systematic, scientific approach to learning about game and life.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re a newbie just starting out, these Youtube videos will help you gain a better understanding of women and help develop your natural game. I’ve developed this page to help men stay away from bad advice from many PUA forums.

MOST of the guys on these forums are there for the glory, they aren’t there to get laid or learn from other guys. They turn into forum jockey’s, give out useless advice which they don’t even use themselves and are terrible for your game, so stay well away from them.​


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Vince Vaughn makes a speech about just approaching a girl from the movie Swingers (1996). Watch and remember all the times you fell like Micky in the movie.

There is unfortunatly only a few male role models in Hollywood that portray the true Alpha body Language and how to really speak to women

Don Draper
James Bond (excluding Daniel Craig)
Mark Warlberg
Vince Vaughn

Never use the body language or conversation of a man in a “chic flick”

15 mins looking at some of the aspect of life for 15-30 year olds across the world. You may not agree with what he says, but the message has some uncomfortable truths.

Understand the message as it’s the most logical explanation of unhappiness and depression.

Mystery A very technique heavy traditional PUA……Originally the Mystery Method, Erik (Mystery) had a falling out with Savoy, the CEO of Love Systems. He then started Venusian Arts, which is the current company of Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop. Their productions have been drawn from the foundation of the Mystery Method, and have been mostly reviewed as top notch. The company continues to weather storms of mediocre management, however their artistry and seduction theories remain elite. Mystery Method is still the de facto standard in breaking down and understanding the underlying process of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction.

The RSD crew have for years been the biggest coaching team in the community. since 2002 Tyler (Owen Cook) has been teaching men to meet women. They’ve recieved alot of bad press in Australia recently. This however should not take away from alot of the positive effect they’ve had in the community understanding women and helping great men meet women they love.

David DeAngelo has for years been at the centre of research and understanding of how women think. If you feel that you lack inner game then David De is your man. David Deangelo is one of the original guros of the seduction community, and is well known for the development of commonly used PUA concept Cocky Funny

More focussed on inner game and how you see yourself. Great for personal development

Deida caused a ripple in the seduction community with his 3rd book “The Way of the Superior Man“ Straying away from “pick up techniques”, his philosophy falls more into the line of understand male and female sexuality, and how to nurture the very nature of our male and female sexuality

“The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth.” Deida at his best

His advice makes sense, and seems to hit the core of each issue as he describes his own style of “honest game”. He claims that many of the picking up women training sources he used to learn actually made him worse with women and that he didn’t like acting “fake” in order to pick up women.

In order to meet women guys, you cannot only use techniques. It’s important to understand your inner game and portray your best self to the world

Cajun from Lovesytems. Very smooth and a master at pick up. The company started by Savoy after Mystery’s departure, Love Systems (LS) Knowledge represents the ideas that further developed MM and also new ideas created by LS instructors. LS instructors Savoy, Braddock and others have branched out further into text and phone game, social circle game and relationship game definitions and ideas.

I would recommend Cajun to anyone wanting to improve their body language and their eye contact with women

Cajun joins Mark Sparks in the Men’s Room to speak about building powerful attraction in your pickups.

Cajun has excellent body language which is congruent to his personality. Pay close attention to his eyes. If you can internalise how he projects confidence and attraction through his non verbal body language you will achieve success ​

Zan Perrion is a seducer that hails from Canada. He focuses on developing natural charm and charisma rather than structured game or routines. Be that as it may, Zan’s Enlightened Seduction (ES) and Way of Attraction philosophies contain many terminologies that he uses for natural seduction. His “Ars Amorata: theme focuses on a man’s direction in life and his core, instead of tactics and pickup strategist that most of the community advocate and practice.His natural game forum continues to be a major portal for developing inner game and a healthy relationship with oneself and the opposite sex.

Sasha Daygame and his team are mistakenly only described
as ‘pick up artists’, but it goes much deeper than that.
‘Lifestyle development’ is another term thrown around!

Sasha is one of the fathers of Daygame and has teached a
modern direct game for over 10 years. If Daygame is your
thing. Watch This Video!

Jared details on how to properly escualte and generate strong attraction

This is the process of kino escalation, where kino means touch. Kino escalation is done in steps, slowly over time, with the goal of making the girl progressively more comfortable with your touch and proximity. You cannot rely on the girl to take these steps. If you do not escalate the girl may place you in the friend zone. Trying to suddenly go for a kiss will then seem inappropriate. You instead want the kiss to be a natural part of the escalation.

Traditionally, men are expected to take the risks and lead the way through the entire series of physical steps towards sex. This gives the girl the power to reject him at any step on the way. Although you must be the one who takes the steps, you do not have to take the risks. If you understand how to move smoothly from one step to the next you can avoid these issues altogether.

Kino escalation seems to be a HUGE sticking point for guys.

Men seriously don’t know how to touch women, without coming across as creepy and weird.

But once you understand how to touch a woman, you will be able to spark attraction, build ridiculous levels of sexual tension and basically have her ready to come back to your place.

The team at have created this great 9 minute video to walk you through kino.